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Spawned in the heart of Sydney, Nuendo’s journey into sound started at 8 years old when a wise man handed him an acoustic guitar. In recent years, as computer technology has become more accessible and music software has advanced, interacting with music production technology is now possible using means that bear no relationship to traditional musical performance practices.

Inspired by many different styles of music from around the world, including traditional and neotraditional music – Nuendo’s sound in the global spectrum is defined by its fusion of cultural traditions intermingled with contemporary music elements. On the forefront of production, Nuendo has secured releases with a vast array of notable labels such as Hotfingers, King Street/Nite Grooves, DPE, Whoyostro, Innocent Music and many more.

Additionally, he has been supported by artists such as Groove Armada, Marco Carola, Stefano Noferini, Sam Divine, Golf Clap & Jamie Jones, to name a few. Nuendo is also a co-founder of two record labels: Native & Quattro Formaggi, where he provides a platform for unique sounding underground house music.

In the DJ world, Nuendo has played and/or held House events at Sydney’s largest venues, including but not limited to: Burdekin Hotel, Civic Underground, Greenwood Hotel, Zoo Project, Kit & Kaboodle, Home Nightclub, Bondi Beach Radio & Rhythm Nights Radio.

Nuendo also runs a side project called Olendo, which expresses his passion for downtempo tunes.

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